The Faith Nudge

The Faith Nudge

Scripture Reference: Mark 11: 22-24

Can you recall the phrase “Look before you leap?”. How about “have faith then you leap?” Or better yet, “let your leap be caused by faith”. As humans we have scores of things we desire and wish to do and see come to pass. We want to get that job, we want to get that degree, we want to do intense bible studies and hardcore evangelism. Often times we find ourselves bound by the ‘what if I do this syndrome’. There are many individuals in the bible whose leap was taken on the basis of their faith in God. Abraham. Elisha. Moses. Esther. Rachel. Elijah. All these men and women had something in common. They were reckless in their faith in God. Deciding to see a king unsummoned to save a nation is a plunge in and of itself. 
Imagine the mighty works we would perform if we did what the Lord desires and went forward in full confidence that he who has commenced a good work will cause it to be accomplished. 
Allow faith the push and lead you into the path of all truth, purpose and power. Do not be crippled by the fear of God using you to do mighty things neither the accomplishment of great things spiritually or physically but rather have faith in his plan for you. Do not let the words he of little faith befall you but rather be lead by the words “by faith I will…”

Final word: Sometimes you have to blindly trust God. Trust him whether you know what the future holds or not. In fact you won’t know what the future holds but he does. Take that leap into the marvelous place the Lord wants to take you. Let faith nudge you into his will.

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In the interim, we have some deep and wonderful content working on at the Pen Sword that we pray will touch your hearts and encourage as well as inspire you on your eternity race. So pretty much “Why Jesus” part 1 has ended for now, keep us in your prayers and look out for part 2😉

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Why Jesus- Shanann Williston

I had an identity crisis in 2020. I had known myself to be active in church but a very public rejection and accusations led me down a path of questioning who I had thought myself to be. Needless to say, I withdrew from some things. My once busy life became a monotonous cycle or tears, over thinking and pain. My soul refused to be comforted. It refused to be believe it all could be happening to me. They say denial is the first step of grief, it went from denial to acceptance real quick without the forgiveness part. I developed “it is what it is” attitude. But I didn’t want it to be reality I didn’t. 
During that time I started to believe a lot of the things that were said about me, rummaging through every experience for evidence. It was brutal. To live in a mind that viewed yourself as the worst person alive is unexplainable. 
My friends and family picked up on my self sabotage and reminded me of my character, however flawed, but still loved and accepted. 
But I my heart condemned me, I needed something greater. My journey in seeking myself started. I read books, listened videos, took tests, reflect. But all I found was more despair. I was worst than I thought. And just like that, I was in that place again, wrapped up in my own shame. Not one quote rescued me. Not a sermon, not a song. It became so bad I had trouble sitting still. I always had to be scrolling, reading, day dreaming, sinning,  watching, interacting, something. Anything to keep me from my thoughts. 

Then I went to church one Sunday, and I knelt at the altar. I had never felt tiredness in my soul so strong. The weight of my emotions pressed into my knees. Then a sister came and prayed for me. Someone I didn’t discuss anything with. I still haven’t. She spoke to every SINGLE struggle in my mind, spoke as an oracle and gave me answers. God used her to call me to life and purpose. I have never been the same since. This is why I am Christian. No other source was able to bring peace to my heart, my soul, my mind. No other source could have healed me. No other source is able to correctly identify me and align me with my true purpose. I still have questions. But Jesus shows up as the answer EVERY SINGLE TIME. He is the answer still.

Why Jesus- T. D testimony

I received serious conviction months ago about who Jesus is and what He means to me. My story is years old so I will do my best to keep it precise. I am 22 years old and as I reflect on the journey it took to recognize the need for Jesus in my life I remember as far back as when I was a kid. Not yet a teen I was enjoying my childhood but not all innocently. There were kids all around, girls and boys. Some would spend holidays in the yard, there were those kids from next door, and there were kids from the community. I’d play pretend, we would pretend any scenario, school mostly and sometimes family life.

At school, infant and primary, I would seek attention because I was the least favoured. I was bullied a lot too. So, you can imagine I wasn’t entirely happy. Outside of normalcy I found pleasure at such early age in sexual activities. No, I wasn’t having sexual intercourse but I was feeling horny a lot, imagining myself with different people, thinking so hard on these things and engaging the kids around me, girls and boys alike. Was attending church and was fully active but no naughtiness allowed there.

Either way I get to high school and it’s probably around this age 12- 13 that I start masturbating. I got baptized first at age 14 just thinking it was the right thing to do. Another reason I made the decision was because I would be allowed then to participate in church activities. I was still seeking attention. I got to like a guy I met at church and at age 15 nearing 16 I started to have sex. How unexpected but not even alarming. At one point I even thought it was ok. But I realized it wasn’t when I started having sex with even more men, and that’s how it continued up to my current age. It was a lot of men (not all at once) then it was not so much but still a lot of sex. Throughout all of this, I would get in trouble, I became emotionally unstable, I had an unquenchable thirst for this thing that wanted to destroy my soul and kill my spirit, my relationship with my mom wasn’t the best, my family members were having challenges, I was the rope in a tug o war between salvation and sin, I was getting all the attention and thought it was safe and easily giving in. I baptized a second time at age 20.

It wasn’t until last year during the global crisis that I decided enough is really enough. At one point my devices crashed, phone and laptop. I began to slowly detach from the relationships meant to harm me. I began to see clearly what was better for me. I made some promises to God leading up to age 22 and yeah I’ve made promises before and not kept them, but months ago I decided to honour these specific promises. I began to see the steps I need to take to fulfil these promises. Bless the Lord.

No, I didn’t understand everything, I was mostly going out on a limb but it was for God so it didn’t matter. I became radical, being a girl who always listens and will get my information from anywhere and kept an open mind for God to inspire/instruct me using anything and in any situation. I slipped up two times after I turned 22. But those were the very last two rides the devil got out of me. Glory be to God. I surmised that I need to take unusual action to break free. I did. I laid with a guy half naked and told him I was not going to have sex with him and he pleaded and begged and I said no as many times as I needed to. I was taken home and I cried. Because I was despised even for saying no. That was the first step, saying no to the external force. Then there was the second, to say no to the internal force. I realized that I wanted sexual pleasure for and from myself as much as the opposite sex. So, I prayed and I worked hard to overcome my addictions and reject temptation.

On the morning of November 11, 2020, in a walk/taxi ride/bus ride by faith I went to church, a church I thought could help, and I was delivered at last from the jezebel spirit, and all other unwelcome spirits. It didn’t stop there. I was blessed immensely, but meagerly compared to what God may have in store (might I say *winks*). My life has never been the same. Even my testimony changed that day. My God delivered me from sin, healed my brokenness, filled my emptiness and strengthened me. So much changed since then and it has only been a month or two. But that’s the quickness and effectiveness of God’s turnaround. This life makes more sense because I don’t have to struggle, if something comes up that gets me worried or uneasy, I tell it to God and watch Him work it out, sometimes I don’t even see how He works it out. And that’s trust.

Choosing Jesus gave me new personality and respectable character. Choosing Jesus gave me joy and peace, I stopped being miserable and bipolar and overly emotional. Choosing Jesus gave me purpose and optimism and security. Choosing Jesus gave me self-discipline, self-content, self-awareness. Choosing Jesus gave me a better understanding of life. Choosing Jesus gave me deeper appreciation for even my past, and present. Choosing Jesus opened doors for me and my family. Choosing Jesus gave me a calmer disposition. Choosing Jesus made me more beautiful, at least I feel so. Choosing Jesus made me more loving and forgiving.

To choose Jesus is the best thing anyone can do for themselves and the world. While I was plagued and abused and tormented, I still hung on to all the bits and pieces I would pick up from churches or church events I attended. Camps, retreats, the ministry of women and men of God, books I’ve read, songs I’ve listened, inspiring videos I’ve watched and whatever else. They all contributed to my growth, my eventual victory, my journey and my belief. I love God because of His love. His love that protected me, set me free, provided for me, healed me, embraced me, strengthened me, still amazes me. He met me where I was and honoured my faith.

One Saturday I went to church again, almost didn’t go and God spoke to me through my imagination, he showed me everything before it happened, a quick deliverance and restoration, His release of fire on me and His fresh pour of oil on my head and all over me. That’s how it happened, I was carefully picked once again from the crowd, with two other women (may the Lord bless them) and ministered to.

All my shame is gone. I am not ashamed of my past and not ashamed to be called Child of God. My Father knows me and I Know Him. He loves me and I love Him. He lives within me and I in Him. The world needs to know that God is real and I am a testimony. Please choose Jesus, He chose you a long time ago. Don’t deny Him any further, all He wants to do is take care of you. I’ve never imagined myself happier than I am now and that’s because I put my hand in His and took the first step and before I knew it I was walking, following my Lord, allowing Him to take me wherever He wants me to go.

I love you, be blessed.

Why seek the Living among the Dead?

While in prayer recently I was talking to the Lord and this question was brought to me; I seek a closer or more intimate walk and relationship with God, yet I spend more time on my phone daily, reading messages and talking to my friends, instead of praying and reading the Word. Then a thought came to me, a phrase I had heard just that morning from a message on the radio; “seeking the living among the dead”. As I pondered those words, more understanding was given to me;

We desire God deeply, we want to have more of God, we want to be closer, deeper and intimate with Him yet we give more of our time to the dead works of the world. Our hearts desire to love God truly and dearly yes, but our actions say otherwise. We are seeking Christ yes but we are seeking Him in the wrong places or rather in the dead places. We want more of God yes, however we spend more time in the place of dead works than in the place of prayer. We say that we are hungry for God, but when heaven searches for us on their spiritual radar or map, we are at the tomb of the flesh seeking the living God of the spirit.

If we truly want God we have to seek for Him in the right place. I can’t be seeking God but my closest friends and the company I keep are those still dead in sin. I am not saying your friends and acquaintances should only be Christians, but who are those you keep close to you? How are they influencing you spiritually or how are you influencing them spiritually?

You want to grow in the Spirit, but the movies, videos and social media posts you feed on only promote the flesh. You desire to be Holy, but the conversations you indulge in regularly, only leave you feeling polluted and dry spiritually. You want to be Christlike but you passionately pursue the things of the world and the flesh more than the things of Heaven. Your desire is right but you are seeking it in the wrong place. Like Bro. Zacchaeus if we are truly going encounter Jesus, we will need to change our seeking positions or locations.

You can’t seek for life at the tomb, they that are in the flesh cannot please God (Romans 8:8).

P.S- Currently some of us have embarked on a 90 days New Testament challenge. Thus far, it has proved to be an enriching experience. Even if you are not able to keep up with the quota given for each day, the plan pushes you to be consistent with reading a portion of the word daily (at least). So I will like to extend an invitation to you to join us on this journey. We are well underway already, but you can start your own 90 days today. If you are interested, please send an email to precious.thoughts.press@gmail.com

Photo Credits: Jhnell Green

Why Jesus?- Alesha’s testimony

What made me come to Christ?

I finished high school and I was supposed to get assistance to start university at the time, but that didn’t happen, because the person that was going to help me died suddenly. I ended up in Mobay and started working at a call centre and at that time I was going through a lot.

In time I started going to church as I had always wanted to attend church. I used to attend church when I was younger since my parents were Christians, but as we got older, we started going when we felt like. So church was a part of me, but  I always wanted more out of church, and it was in my heart that I was going to become a Christian. Someday somehow, I will become a Christian, that was always my desire. I remember being at King’s Chapel one day and the preacher (his name is Shane Brown, a past Ucammer) was preaching about the grace of God. And the line that really hit me was when he said “if persons knew what you have been through, and what you have been doing, they wouldn’t really want to sit down beside you now, but it is just how the grace of God has covered you”.

Like I said I was really going through a lot at that particular time and that is the message that really hit me, and I decided I was going to be saved, I got baptized and the following Sunday I received the Holy Ghost.

Why am I still a Christian?

I was a bitter child, I was an angry child, I was angry with a lot of persons and things around me and just to see how the Lord has really worked on my heart…

 You know I always say if I can gift anybody anything, one of the things I would give is the Holy Ghost. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I have seen how He has really comforted me. I have seen how the Lord has really been there for me, when family wasn’t there, when friends weren’t there, the Lord has truly being my friend, my help, my peace, my comforter, my everything and there is a desire in my heart to  love the Lord. I believe when you love someone it restrains you from doing certain things that you otherwise would do. I am not there yet, but I want to get to a place where I can say I love the Lord truly without feeling guilty. There is just this desire for the Lord, at this point I can’t one hundred percent say it’s love, but the desire is there. I want to know Him, I want to have intimacy with Him, I want to have relationship with Him, I  want to be in His presence, I want to have encounters with Him, I want to walk with Him and to talk with Him. I just know that there is so much more in God, that I have not yet experienced and I want to experience that, I want to reach there and I believe that is one of the things that has kept me going. One of the other things is that I have seen hell fire, I remember once I was praying and I saw hell fire, and I don’t want to go there. Another thing that keeps me going is the responsibilities that I have and I really want for my family to be saved, so that is why I am still a Christian.

Photo Credits: Annaliz Chaplin

Jesus also had problems

At the moment of Jesus’ greatest temptation, God was silent, as a matter of fact the Father turned His face away, Angels were inactive, His friends (even the closest ones) denied and deserted Him. The crowd that once clamored for His attention with the hopes of touching Him or inviting Him over for dinner was no where to be found. The prayer warrior and intercession team He had put together, fell asleep when He needed them to pray with Him. The man that once could not get breathing space because of the great crowd that always sought Him, now found himself standing alone. And to make matters worse, Satan was very loud in the foreground and doing His worst.

Jesus faced one of the most gruesome and cruel forms of torture ever meted to man, yet God did not help Him. In fact, he rose up from prayer at Gethsemane with full assurance that the problem would not be taken away. We always talk about having God in our “corner” when no- one else seems to be, but in this case not even God was in His son’s corner. No flash of lightning and thunder came to rescue the perfect Son of God from an ordeal He did not deserve. Yes, we all know the glorious ending and reward that came with this ordeal, but I want to highlight some lessons I learnt from this ordeal.

  1. God will not always deliver me from every problem. There are situations that are meant to be the exams for my promotion, and like any true examiner God will remain silent while watching. The Holy- Spirit may not comfort or give me answers, Angels will not come to my rescue, friends will desert me or be unavailable. In that moment, when satan seems to be going on the most with his worst antics, more than ever, I must decide for myself, on my own not to bow or deny Christ.
  2. Jesus closest friends deserted Him and even denied knowing or been associated with Him. And personally, I can’t blame them, who knew torture and loss of life was part of this friendship deal? In the moment of my test even those God has placed around me to help me can desert me.
  3. You can’t always rely on the crowd even if they seem to love you. The same crowd that shouted “Hosanna! Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord” may have been amongst those that cried out “crucify Him!” It doesn’t matter how much people love you today, human beings are subjected to change, it is our nature. Today we love you, tomorrow we can feel very differently about you. I can’t base my confidence and strength in people. I can’t put my trust and faith in the commendations, accolades and praises of men, because sweet words spoke today can easily become tomorrow’s poison.
  4. Jesus worst enemies were the religious leaders of those days. My worst enemy may not be the unsaved or the sinner, it can be those in the church whom I most expected to help me.

The moral is not to go about hating and distrusting your friends or everyone you meet, but instead I am learning to pray for strength to stand when no-one else is standing with me. I am praying for strength not to deny or disappoint God in the moment of desperation when He chooses to be silent and when I need Him most. I am learning that if the Lord can come under heavy persecution from the enemy whilst His Father remained silent, then so can I. So instead of being angry at persecution, pray today for the strength to endure tomorrow.

Why Jesus Testimony- Anonymous

Like some other young persons, I was one of those who grew up in the church. While this was so, it had little or no impact on me and the way I did things.
Those who know me know perfectly well that I am skinny, but what many of them will not know is that I was a bully. Presently persons would look at me and say “You a bully? I don’t believe you, you are so nice”.

My bullying got worst when I got bitter towards my father during my parents’ divorce process. For anyone in a Christian home that has been devastated by this process, you know exactly how I feel. You know exactly how BITTERNESS destroys you until you are delivered .
In my eyes, I never saw it as being bitter, I just saw it as a young child having a few home problems like anyone else. After my last two manifestations of putting persons in the hospital, I overheard my mother having a conversation on her phone with someone. She was saying that “she no longer know what to do with me, she has tried every intervention necessary and only one option left was to give me away to the state”. The fact was I loved my family and wanted to do better, but only Jesus the ultimate “fixer’’ was able to fix me.
Whenever there was a convention or a very compelling service, I usually find myself at the altar that I want to be saved, but while being there my way of life was often on trial. What will I do tomorrow if someone comes to fight me and I cannot fight them back among other things (never have I ever backed down from a fight). I fought so much that by no means did I see myself giving it up. And yes, I had moments I felt like throwing in the towel. The devil consumed my mind with thoughts to take my own life in more ways than I can count. He always came with the most compelling story, as to why surrendering to God did not make sense. Not giving credit to the devil but, He was so convincing that he brought to my attention every time I told God at the altar that I wanted to do better but I found I was getting worst instead. The devil would always ask me the question “what is the point of serving God if he does not help you? So why not continue doing what you are doing”.
The fact was I wanted to stop but not yet. I wanted to do better but did not know how to. In other words, I INVITED GOD TO COME IN BUT I NEVER GAVE HIM PERMISSION TO STAY. This of course created a cycle.

My decision night came when I heard the message “Jesus Blood Still work”. The preacher spoke of retched individuals that Jesus saved and I thought to myself if God was really able to change me. I knew too many that made the same decision that I was about to make but after a short season, they were back to their old ways. I WAS AFRAID OF FAILING as they did. I told God I did not want to be like them and if after a few months or years and everybody goes back to enjoying the pleasures of the world, I wanted to be the one person that remains. It has been eight years since and God is still keeping me and I am sure he will keep you too.
I cannot promise anyone that it will be easy. I know for sure it is not easy. Every struggle you had in your past will come back as a test. I can only promise you that serving God is worth it. Like me you first have to admit that you need him, admit that you need his help and guidance in your life to become a better individual, admit that you are not your own.

Photo credits: Anna-liz Chaplin

Why Jesus?- Akeem Blake’s Testimony

Nothing specific to be pinpointed as to why I chose to follow God. Some years before I got baptized, I wanted to do it because I felt that He could come any time. That decision in my mind wasn’t received well and by that I really mean that my family didn’t really know what to say. I’m assuming they didn’t know if I was ready or not. I don’t remember telling grandma, (she alone or both her and my grandfather would have been the two Christians in the home), so that just got drowned out and it never happened.

I believe a part of God’s calling for me had to do with His glory each afternoon when I was coming from school, every time I reached what we call “new Road” or the “tar road” I would feel extremely joyful and I would feel like praising Him but the praise that I wanted to send up felt literally impossible. It felt like I wanted to push a mountain through a needle’s eyes so much so that in my head I wanted my spirit to step out of my body so that I could send up the praise (as even then I had the belief /understanding that man’s spirit cannot be destroyed) so I felt that me standing as purely spirit could handle the praise I wanted to send up. So yea that use to happened a lot and even though I really wanted to get pass that block so that I could send up the praise that I wanted, I did enjoy the joy that He sent each time.

The year of my baptism (2017), I started the year and decided that I just simply didn’t want to miss a Sunday, I just wanted to be at church each Sunday. No, I did not in any wise view it as a New Year’s Resolution, in fact it’s since I’m typing this that I realize that it would look like a New Year’s Resolution.

I decided that I wanted to be baptized. I’m not sure if it was in my mind before or only at the point of the altar call for baptism. However, I wanted to be filled with His Spirit first and so tarried for the Holy Ghost 3 times before get baptized. When I failed the 3rd time, Lady Smith who was tarrying with me said that I needed to be baptized, so I decided to be baptized. She was suggesting not today but I insisted and it happened 10 minutes to 6 that afternoon.

It’s been over 3 years and I stay in Christ now because it’s simply the better position, the better side. Here in Christ I feel like I’m winning, not loosing and lacking knowledge or understanding. I stay because the fact that I made the right choice 3 yrs ago hasn’t changed. I do not wish to live a defeated life. I want to live above corruption. The fallen angels from heaven do not like me, and I do not like them either — evil is to be hated. How can I go outside of Christ to live, when demons don’t forget? I do not wish to be enslaved. It’s much more desiring to be more and more like Him than to corrupt myself again. I cannot live the way I do now If I go outside of Christ; I would revert.

Perhaps the biggest reason I am still in Him is that that’s where my treasures are, that’s where my desires are. Supernatural communication with Him, spiritual gifts at greatly developed states. I desire the power of God to be common in such a way that miracles aren’t rare, but yet they still hold their ‘awe’.

I would tell a person that he/she needs Christ because it was never meant for you not to know Him or doubt Him. Fallen angels spoiled everything before you had a chance. Whether He exists or what He can do were never meant to be questions. You are in need of help you just don’t recognize it, and God has already shed His blood for you. Why don’t you try the life, that the person who created all things wanted you to have?

What a powerful testimony! We truly hope that you are being blessed. From the team at Pensword to you, we would like to wish you a Happy New Year, we pray that you will continue to grow in grace at the Lord’s feet. Thank you for your continuous support, we are humbled by the encouragements and testimonies we receive from you, may the Lord continue to strengthen and uphold you.

Photo Credits (Why Jesus): Annaliz Chaplin

Photo Credits (Happy New Year): Jhnell Green

Why Jesus- Anonymous

I’m a Christian because God showed me a love unlike anything I’ve ever experienced…a love unbiased, boundless. I’m a Christian because I found a friend who has never left me, even when I’ve ignored and walked out on Him. I’m a Christian because I’ve met a man who showers me with grace and love and blessings…a man who even though I’ve taken him for granted more times than I can count, a man who still loves me even though I ask for things more than I thank him…he’s still there, calling me, holding me, hugging me, being everything that I need without me even asking. Drying my tears, healing my heart, renewing my mind whenever I voluntarily wreck myself.
I’m a Christian because I love Jesus with my entirety. I’m a Christian because being a Christian is a most beautiful profession…helping, loving, selfless existence.
I’m a Christian because he asked me to be and I’ll do anything for him, to get to him.

Photo Credits: Jhnell Green

Why Jesus?

Why Jesus?

I was headed home one fateful afternoon when I passed by a shop with 3 individuals talking. Of recent I had been struggling with the Lord about my impassivity towards evangelism and soul winning and thus saw this as an opportunity to share the gospel, step out of my comfort zone and proclaim Jesus. I greeted the two gentlemen and the young lady that was with them and attempted to engage them in a discussion about Christ. Of course, they were already putting up a resistance and one of the gentlemen aggressively asked me “Why do I need Jesus?”.

 Now if you know me, I always have a response or an answer, however I found that I was unprepared for this question. I took a few moments to think deeply, I knew the usual Sunday school or pulpit sermon answer was not going to cut it with these men. Eventually I managed to say something (which I don’t remember now) that seemed to have satisfied the gentlemen somewhat as they moved to the next point of attack. But deep down, I myself wasn’t satisfied with my response, “Why does he need Jesus?”, I mean everyone needs Jesus, yes… but why? That was the question.

 I eventually exchanged goodbyes with them, needless to say, the attempt at evangelism had been unfruitful (or so it would seem, but we never know, we are planting seeds). As I walked home, I mused some more on the question the gentleman had posed at me “Why do I need Jesus”. I was annoyed with myself for not having had a substantial response for this gentleman. As a matter of fact, as I pondered the question some more, I realized I didn’t even have a substantial response for myself. Really “why did I need Jesus?”, “Why was I a Christian?” “What is the purpose of my Christianity?”

It was with this question and a motivation from a sermon I was watching (which sadly I don’t remember now), I decided to embark on a journey/ project with some of the Christian friends I know. I realized that oftentimes as Christians we become very routine in our walk with God. We were preached to and yes some of us initially were deeply convicted as we vowed at the altar or bedroom floor (or wherever the Spirit of God caught you) to follow Jesus to the end. Overtime we forget our whys, we forget the reason it all started. We become very routine and ritualistic with our Christianity as we keep up with the myriad of church services, programs and conventions. We may not be sure of why we are doing all these sometimes or their purpose but it is right and expected of us and moreover we want to make Heaven.

Furthermore, in listening to the testimonies of my brothers and sisters, I have been very encouraged and most of them have also been encouraged by their own testimonies. It has been a moment of refreshing for us as we went back to how and why it all started. This has also made me realize that after salvation and conversion, oftentimes in church we sit on our testimonies or rather we don’t really see our conversion or coming to Christ as a testimony that can encourage others. We think the real testimony is when God miraculously heals someone who had been sick, or miraculously provides a large lump sum of money (preferably in the hundred thousand or millions) just when we most needed it or when He gave us that long expected break through. But occasionally, if not every time, we need to listen to each other’s conversion testimony. There could be a brother or sister going through a rough time who needs to be reminded of why they are still standing. There could be a brethren who has been growing cold and may not even realize but need to be reminded of how they started out with Christ and why they gave their life to Jesus in the first place. As a matter of fact, we ourselves need that timely reminder, especially with the current spiritual climate in the world; “Why do we need Jesus?”.

It is with this, that I hope to be sharing in the coming weeks the testimonies of some of our brethren in Christ, I truly hope you are encouraged and refreshed as I have been and it also causes you to think deeply on; “Why do I need Jesus?” or “Why am I a Christian?”

1 Peter 3: 15 “  But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:”

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